Gucci Equilibrium is our commitment to generate positive change for people and our planet


Everywhere you look these days, women, girls and non-binary people are deep in it, standing up to overwhelming times with overwhelming, electrifying courage. So what would happen if we picked our heads up to look around at one another, to see that our issues are all interconnected—and that we can learn from each other’s work? That was the question The Meteor and CHIME FOR CHANGE asked at 22 For ‘22: Visions For a Feminist Future.
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    Gucci wins The Climate Action Award

    The award, presented at the 2022 CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards ceremony, recognizes Gucci’s commitment to supporting regenerative agricultural projects in Uruguay
  • People

    Gucci Changemakers North America

    An overview of the House’s social impact initiative aimed at inclusion and diversity within the fashion industry and across communities and cities.
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    Celebrating Detroit with An Original Poem by jessica Care moore

    Gucci Changemakers has commissioned the critically-acclaimed poet to pen an original work in honor of the House’s new Library Street store and the spirit of Detroit.
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    Presenting the “Building a Lasting Impact” Exhibit

    The first-ever exhibit of Gucci Changemaker scholars’ work, taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
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    The 2022 Gucci Changemakers North America Scholars

    The third cohort of awardees comprises 12 young people from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing careers within fashion, humanities, and the arts at undergraduate colleges or universities.
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    Gucci Changemakers North America: 2022 Impact Fund Grantees

    Gucci Changemakers North America announces the third round of recipients for its five-year Impact Fund. More than 200 organizations submitted applications and the Gucci Changemakers Council has selected 12 non-profit recipients who will receive a grant for $50,000 that will be used to create new programs or scale existing initiatives

    22 For ’22 CHIME Zine

    A special digital edition CHIME Zine dedicated to 22 For ’22: Visions for a Feminist Future, presented by Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE & The Meteor
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    The 2021 Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report

    A Letter from Our CEO highlighting progress on People and Planet
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    Artolution’s Continuing Impact

    The international community-based public art organization and its team continue their important work in the largest refugee camp in the world located in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar region, and Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda.
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    Gucci and FACEIT Launch Gucci Gaming Academy

    The new initiative, the first of its kind created by a luxury fashion brand, will focus on education while providing support on mental and physical health issues, also in collaboration with the World Health Organization, Mindwork, and Ambassadors from the gaming world to help emerging talents pursue their ambitions and achieve success.

    Gucci Supports Reproductive Health & Rights

    Gucci builds on its commitment to gender equality and a more equitable future for all
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    The Most Powerful Quotes from 22 For ‘22: Visions For a Feminist Future

    Writer and Brand Consultant Chrissy Rutherford reporting from the event hosted by Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE and The Meteor


We believe that connection empowers us. That every voice matters. That each one of us is needed to achieve change. We believe we can do extraordinary things when we gather together. Explore the stories of changemakers around the world and the projects we support to help raise the next generation of leaders in the fight for gender equality.


We look at the world around us in a holistic way and believe that it is our duty to be sustainable, responsible and accountable in everything we do. We are dedicated to seriously reduce our footprint along our entire supply chain and embrace climate-smart strategies to help protect and restore nature for the future. What we can’t reduce ourselves, we translate into conserving biodiversity and forests that lessen the impacts of climate change. To share the progress we are making with our community, we are transparent about all the metrics that underpin our ambitious targets that we are striving to achieve by 2025. These goals drive us forward every day to develop eco-friendly sourcing solutions, low-impact materials, manufacturing efficiencies and circular innovations so that we can act for a better tomorrow. ‍‍

Discover how Gucci is generating positive change for the Planet.

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What we stand for and how we act towards one another is at the very core of who we are. Fuelling our creative vision is a desire to empower people to live a life of self-expression, so that everyone in our global community is free to be their authentic and unique selves. Our combined differences are what allow us to thrive and we foster an environment that is respectful, inclusive and diverse, where everyone is considered equal. This also means making sure that the people who help create our collections are treated fairly along our supply chain. Using our voice to stand up for social justice in the world and generate positive change drives us forward into a fair, just and equitable future for all.

Discover how Gucci is generating positive change for People.

A large group of people wearing white shirts and red gloves photographed from above, look into and wave at the camera, holding a sign that says “Gucci Changemakers, plant a tree, share the love”. They stand on a dirt path in front of leafy green bushes and trees.