2020 Eredità delle Donne Festival

A New Humanism, with women at the helm, to face the challenges of a post-Covid-19 world.

A new world in which freedom, equality, rights, industrial sustainability and respect for both the environment and people are not just critical, but are recognized as the only realistic way forward to overcome the current emergency.

Scientists, economists, businesswomen, legal minds, creatives and public servants will be part of the discussion in Florence from 23-25 October, 2020, as part of the third edition of Eredità delle Donne (Women’s Heritage), a festival devoted to women’s contributions to the progress of humanity, with a roster of outstanding guests, including CERN director Fabiola Gianotti, virologist Ilaria Capua, minister Elena Bonetti and Annalisa Malara, the Lodi anaesthesiologist who diagnosed the first case of Covid-19 in Italy.

A series of events—under the artistic direction of Serena Dandini—are devoted to female empowerment through culture and entertainment with international guests. A festival that looks to the future while reporting on how women today are increasingly present on the frontlines of research, the economy, civil rights and sustainability, all geared to dealing with our current complex world.

Gucci is a proud partner of Eredità delle Donne since its inception, and this year’s festival is a Changemakers event. Florence was chosen as the event’s location, for its symbology of the birthplace of Humanism that transformed into a global hub for culture. It is also the city where Gucci was founded nearly a century ago and is still home to its core manufacturing business, as well as its archives and museum.

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“This year Gucci is more strongly compelled than ever to stand in solidarity with the city of Florence, the mayor and the Fondazione to support Serena and the entire team working to organise the Festival. This year’s edition can’t help but be different, given the circumstances, but it also will feature more ideas and initiatives, all designed to celebrate women and their abilities in the past, the present and the future. Gucci’s corporate social responsibility structure has a continual focus on the inclusion of women and combatting stereotypes and discrimination of any kind. We’re so pleased to have the opportunity both to talk about this subject as part of the festival and to make our own contribution.”

Antonella Centra EVP General Counsel, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability – Gucci
Some shots from the 2019 edition of the Women’s Heritage Festival.
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