Let’s start with the way
we take over a room.

The spirit of a fashionable city is felt
As soon as she walks in.
The spark lives inside the patterned faces
of her community.

It thrives with an electricity
Beating beneath the lining of our favorite jacket
Energy woven into the brim of a wool hat
your daddy wore to those Tigers baseball games

There is love inside of large movements
A migration toward dreams and prosperity manufactured
By a wish, and a promise of something greater.

Detroiters stitch and sew & blend ideas into change.
Our legacy built on the the strength of our history

We, the epitome of cool

This is how we lace, and walk and breathe through adversity
How we raise our children, wrap them in passed down

A Journeyman cotton mixed with moroccan silk

We steam, sew, button, break, tie, lace, grow
We bow our ties, an untied, unmatched resilience

Finding humanity in cotton is survival
Is sound cloud pillow, is comfort, is veins
lined with futurism.

It’s the reality that nothing happens without us.

Our evening fittings for the frontline
Our imagination layered with 70’s velvet colors

We are a city lined with cars, with embattled roads
East to West, we are here. Somewhere people.
Upsouth, proud. Wind blowing our feathered hats off

We smile an ancient smile.
We pattern our life from
an indescribable joy.

This is freedom personafied.
This is the tailored poise of a people.

It is the truth of why we
See ourselves in every full length mirror.

Wiry Dandy/Lions
Magnolia tree trunks for legs
Perfectly Pleated. Hot Ironed by 7am. Ready.
Our slow dance draped in denim, wrapped in
satin. Our tailored romances.

An endless self love story.

A zipper up the side. A slight smile and nod
The “What Up Doe” needs no practice.

This is Detroit. The definition of fine design
A double gauze gaze into what is possible
When given an opportunity to impact the next

Wood hangers holding up skeletons carrying our collective
Bones stretched stories wide cross oceans

Break Dance poised into prayer position

We drape our exquisite bodies in magnolia flowers
Call it dress, call it sunny. Call it summer sale

We say it’s life.
We say it’s life.

The way we choose to wrap our hair high to the heavens
We migration gear, blue collar magic

Steel and concrete
Needle to thread.

We Wear the Working Day.

Hard hat and morning cool
Polka Dot Ankle Socks
No laces on Sunday afternoon
No traces of tears
We are the old black. We new shoes, we feel every step

Of this journey.

Define elegance. Define Worth. Define excellence. Define stars –
Dancing along the skyline of an international river
Change is necessary, now. Is the necessary
Material to pattern a glove into a State
Draped in glassy Great Lakes.

Some say
It’s in the water
It’s in the swagger
It’s in the tears
It’s in the muscle
It’s the drive of our engines

In the 365 degree hoop of our earrings

We are the runways of possibility
The rule breakers, the swagger creators, the void fillers
Alligator shoes trimmed with poetry
Suede patches on a slightly perched to the side
feathered brim.

We dress for the sun and moons reaction
irregardless of the destination

We sharp as needle
We tie dye the night

Monogramming our signature, our smiles
Into a white linen, apropos, a radiant black

We Detroit Piston indigo clutch
We tangerine striped Tigers. We
Black Ice Dreamers and Red Wings
Finding warmth inside inevitable icy winters

We eat style on the hems of our aunties
after five ensembles.

Sit below our mommas braiding jazz hands
on front porch sanctuaries.
Eating walnuts and michigan cherries

Daddy always has on his favorite green tie
With a matching checkered handkerchief in the left pocket
When he comes out our front door.

You gotta be ready, just in case, they say.

You gotta be ready
to make
an Entrance.

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