Amplifying Gen Z Voices

Gucci partners with Irregular Labs to encourage and connect the ideas, opinions and actions of Gen Zs to the world

Since 2018 we have been supporting Gen Z think tank Irregular Labs and its reports created about Gen Zs by Gen Zs. Working with a community of over 30,000 youths around the world, The Irregular Report explores different topics and macro trends through the lens of Gen Z. All the reports are comprised of quantitative data accompanied by qualitative studies, editorialized through opinion pieces, videos and interviews by and with Gen Z.

In 2019, through our CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign, we supported the annual Irregular Report on the theme of Fluidity, exploring Gen Z’s relationship to borders, multi-hyphenate identities, and systems.

To coincide with the 2019 report, together with CHIME FOR CHANGE we presented The Future is Fluid, a short film by Jade Jackman and Irregular Labs, which explores what gender means to Gen Z, featuring individuals from Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, the UAE, the UK and the US.

“The fearlessness of this generation to express themselves gives me hope that a future of freedom and equality is possible.”

Alessandro Michele, Gucci Creative Director

This fall we are pleased to support the next edition of the Irregular Report on the theme of Regeneration, looking at the relationship between Gen Z and sustainability, and offering Gen Z’s guide to building a future that is equitable, sustainable and whole.

To submit your idea for possible inclusion in the Regeneration Report, click here.

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