Gucci ArtLab

ArtLab is the Gucci centre for in-house prototyping and sampling of all our leather goods and shoes, combining these activities for the first time in the luxury industry

ArtLab is our futuristic centre of industrial craftsmanship and experimentation, a laboratory for leather goods and shoes. Located near the historical HQ of the company, which is in Casellina, and active since the beginning of 2018, Gucci ArtLab spans an area of over 37,000 square metres and employs over 950 people. For the first time ever in the history of the luxury industry, Gucci ArtLab puts activities related to leather goods and shoes under the same roof in order to improve the sharing of skills and best practices.

“Gucci ArtLab is the tangible expression of a place to learn skills and techniques, a workshop to generate ideas, and ideas are the lifeblood of culture.”

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President & CEO
Photo inside the Gucci ArtLab, featuring a room with Gucci wallpaper and chairs.
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