Introducing Gucci’s New Sustainable Packaging

Created with sustainability considered for every part of the process, Gucci debuts its new packaging in a shade of green—chosen by Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

The unboxing experience, the ritual of the reveal of something special takes on new significance with the launch of Gucci’s new sustainable packaging. Its creation is part of a re-evaluating and reimagining of how the House can be more environmentally friendly in everything we do. Gucci’s new packaging honors the unboxing ritual while also honoring our planet. Created with strategic design choices to have a reduced impact on nature, the new packaging debuted in stores and through online sales of the Gucci Gift collection in November. Featuring an ornate green decorative pattern embossed onto shopping bags and boxes, all paper and cardboard come from sustainably managed forest sources. The paper’s unique green color at the beginning of the production process decreases the use of inks and an uncoated paper ensures it is fully recyclable. The shopping bag handles are black torchon made of 100% recycled polyester and knotted to avoid using glues.  Natural-colored dust bags and suit carriers are made of a mix of regenerated cotton and recycled polyester, finished with the black Gucci logo. Ribbons are 100% organic cotton and hangers are made of recycled polystyrene.

Gucci is also incorporating more sustainable methods and materials for packaging in our logistics. We set a target to eliminate single-use plastics by 2030, in adherence to the Fashion Pact signed by our parent company Kering. In line with this target, we have eliminated single use plastics in our product packaging for e-commerce and retail and all remaining plastic components come from recycled sources.

Some of our packaging solutions so far include:

  • Redesigning our boxes for easier reuse and changing the shape to optimize transport. This reduces the number of vehicles needed and lowers our carbon footprint linked to transportation.
  • Reusing industrial packaging where possible to minimize our plastics footprint in business-to-business packaging. For example, we launched the “Take Back” program so we could reuse the plastic protective boxes for our accessories and, at the same time, avoid making brand new boxes.

Discover more about Gucci’s commitment to reduce plastics here.

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