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We are creating positive change in our communities by supporting local non-profit organizations

To further Gucci Changemakers global program’s commitment to support industry change and to foster unity through community action, we are launching an open call to non-profits organizations worldwide to apply to become a partner of Gucci Changemakers global employee volunteering program.

Gucci Changemakers Volunteering Program is a global initiative launched in 2019 allowing all Gucci employees worldwide to dedicate up to four paid leave days a year to make a positive impact on local communities through volunteering. Employees can volunteer with any non-profit organization that they feel passionate about supporting, and whose mission preferably aligns within one of the following main pillars: promoting social justice, fostering education, protecting the environment and supporting health & well-being.

With this open call for new organizations to partner with, we aim to empower our employees to dedicate their time and skills to non-profit organizations and become agents of positive change for lasting social impact.

If you are a non-profit organization interested in partnering with us through volunteer opportunities for our Gucci employees to participate in, please apply to join our Changemakers community by completing the form at this link.

Volunteer opportunities may be conducted physically or virtually, such as a skill-based opportunity to offer remote support, and additional eligibility information can be found at the application link. Due to COVID-19, virtual volunteering has been strengthened and preferred. In the coming months, volunteering opportunities must adhere to safety protocols and guidelines.

We are looking to establish mid/long term relationships with organizations that will pass the vetting process and that carry out relevant projects. We welcome organizations located globally. The initial vetting process will be managed in English Worldwide, but activities can then be conducted in local languages, provided we have employees in that region/country/city.

Please note that we strongly believe that the time and skills of our employees represent valuable assets to create change and help non-profit organizations in carrying out their programs and activities. Therefore, requests for donations will not be considered or evaluated at this time.

Gucci Changemakers Volunteering
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